Are you looking to add additional revenue to your existing commercial real estate portfolio with no out of pocket expenses?  If so,  leasing out your rooftop or space in the back of your property for the cell tower leasing could be a great headache free revenue generator for you — depending on which company you choose to partner with.

The evolution of consumer cell phone and data usage has created a lucrative opportunity for private and institutional investors in the multi-family and retail space, as well condo associations, hospitals, companies with high billboard signage, and municipalities to generate an additional stream of revenue with practically no effort and at zero cost.

If it sounds too good to be true, here’s the nutshell version of what’s happening in the industry:

Wireless carriers are running out of cell tower space, so the U.S. is headed for a “data crisis” of sorts.  Wireless technology providers need to find rooftops and other elevated spaces to install new towers to serve their subscribers, or we’re going to be experiencing dropped calls, interruptions to data usage, etc.

In urban, high traffic areas, there is simply not enough vacant land available to buiId new towers, so the industry is turning to rooftops of office buildings, condos, billboard signage and other structures that are a minimum of 3 stories high for cell tower placement — and properties with easements. For those who get in the game now, 2018 – 2021 can produce a lucrative stream of income that can produce a couple hundred thousand of dollars up to a few million.

If you are a manager or owner of a portfolio (15 properties or more) you may be eligible for placement. We’ve partnered with the largest private owner and manager in the cell tower space.  Backed by Wall Street, their reputation for the highest offers in the industry, meticulous care in installing the towers, and ability to listen to the property owner’s concerns and work with them as a true partner has made them a respected leader in the industry.

If you want to explore whether rooftop leasing is right for you, contact us today, and we’ll schedule time for you to learn firsthand what’s happening today in the wireless technology industry and how you can profit from it.

To submit your portfolio for consideration, or have your current cell tower leases reviewed to see if you are receiving maximum value, or if the tenants on your towers are prime candidates for switching towers, contact Tracee Jones at 727.224.8333 or e-mail to schedule a confidential analysis.